Kit for your trip – Teva Sandals

Kit for your trip – Teva Sandals

Are you looking for a great all round sandal for your next adventure? Getting the right kit for your trip is really very important. Finding decent shoes is a real struggle especially when you’re trying to fit a month’s worth of clothes and supplies to fit in a 20kg suitcase.

Before heading to Australia I did so much research to find great items that would be versatile, would mean I could pack light and above all else were quality and could survive the elements and being put through its paces.

Footwear is tricky when your travel adventure has you hiking in rainforest and up mountains one moment, clambering through rock pools the next and then hitting the city to sight see.

I discovered Teva a week before I left and thanks to next day delivery I’ve had a solid two years of adventuring with excellent sandals!

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