Oh my Deyes! What next for Alfie, one of the top UK influencers?

Oh my Deyes! What next for Alfie, one of the top UK influencers?

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I had a response from THE Alfie Deyes @pointlessblog on my Instagram post about his latest interview with Blogosphere magazine. Never in a million years did I think he would comment. (I’m not oblivious that it could be one of his social media team responding but, shh, stop ruining it for me, ok?!)

When I was reading the Blogosphere article a thought struck me. What happens once you’re at the top of the PR influencer industry? How do you continue to grow, stay relevant and what direction should you take?

I took a while to answer Alfie’s Instagram reply asking what I thought about the article, it was Christmas after all! Here are my thoughts on what direction Alfie could take next.

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Social media pranksters that go too far

Social media pranksters that go too far

Bloggers, vloggers, influencers and YouTube stars have a responsibility to their audience. How can you redeem a reputation if and when things go too far?

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Creative Campaigns #14 – White walkers roam for Game of Thrones series 7

Creative Campaigns #14 – White walkers roam for Game of Thrones series 7

Sky came up with a great public relations stunt to promote Game of Thrones series seven starting. Continue reading “Creative Campaigns #14 – White walkers roam for Game of Thrones series 7”

Why you shouldn’t blog every day…

Why you shouldn’t blog every day…

Lately I’ve been looking at social media and strategy to help me promote my blog. Lots of sites and bloggers recommend posting daily, so I decided to follow that advice as a bit of an experiment to see what I could learn from it.

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RE:SO SHED vintage clothing launch – the benefits of hosting a blogging event

RE:SO SHED vintage clothing launch – the benefits of hosting a blogging event

The Retail Solent Initiative, RE:SO, hosted a special blogger preview event for the launch of the new SHED vintage clothing in Southampton.

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#IamTeamGB – get involved! Olympic legacy in action.

#IamTeamGB – get involved! Olympic legacy in action.

Last week I volunteered to help out with the nation’s biggest sports day down my local rowing club. It was a fantastic day with an impressive turn out of people wanting to try the sport. However, you may ask, what has this got to do with public relations?

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No more of this ‘New Year, New Me’ bollocks…

No more of this ‘New Year, New Me’ bollocks…

Thank god we made it through all that ‘New Year, New Me’ bollocks that was rammed down our throats across January. Sorry, but dry January, along with the temporary wave of new gym goers and people making resolutions that are not kept can do one.


It’s time for a quick January 2016 catch up!

January was so much fun, it has gone by in a flash, probably through the haze of Birthday celebrations. One notable Birthday highlight was a rather decadent and frivolous afternoon tea at The Savoy. This then got extended to gin and tonic’s at the Beaufort Bar in all it’s 1920’s black and gold glamour. We then went around Kings Cross Station to the Alan Rickman tributes that have been left at Platform nine and three quarters. He was one of my favourite actors.


Then, with our lovely warm gin jackets on, we staggered around the Lumiere art installations that were across London.

IMG_8605 IMG_8631

I hope you had a cracking January too, I mean it wasn’t that bad, was it?

It has been a great month apart from a couple of major exceptions, the wonderfully talented icons we have lost.

A tribute left to Alan Rickman at Kings Cross

Bowie. Rickman. Wogan. Cultural icons who will be sorely missed. The world will be a slightly darker place without them all.

I was lucky enough to meet Sir Terry Wogan once (I know what a name drop!) on the strangest college trip ever to the Terry and Gaby Show. He sat down on the step next to me, before he was introduced on stage, and engaged me in a brief chat which ended with him elbowing my arm, throwing me a wink and saying ‘There are worse jobs to have!’. He was warm, engaging and a true professional.

The Telegraph’s moving tribute to Sir Terry Wogan

Each in their own way helped to shape modern media, music and film. Influencers in their field.


PR is always talking about influencers. In fact it’s such a hot topic that the CIPR has sent a new magazine out at the end of January to its members called Influence.

The tag line is ‘For switched-on Public Relations Professionals’. It’s a great tag line, if not a little obvious. I mean everyone wants to be considered as ‘switched-on’ in the PR industry?!

Emblazened on the cover is the word ‘LISTEN’ followed by ’19 essentials to engage a message-swamped world’. Why 19?! Odd!

It’s targeting three key issues that are some of the biggest PR insecurities. Being able to influence, to listen and to effectively communicated.

I haven’t read it yet but I can’t wait to settle down with a coffee, welcome in February properly and get my PR geek on! Let’s hope it lives up to the hype!

Creative Campaigns #5: Another incredible Air New Zealand Safety Video starring the All Blacks

What do you get when you combine Air New Zealand, the All Blacks and the Men in Black?


Stakeholder Engagement.

And an instant social media viral sensation.

What Air New Zealand is doing is focusing on an important safety feature that is often overlooked and bringing attention to it through a series of cool parody videos that engage a wide demographic. It uses popular culture and topical events, the classic film and the fact there is a Rugby World Cup just around the corner, to make you pay attention to the important safety features you would usually ignore at the beginning of your flight. And this is why it’s a cracking creative campaign. If you don’t know about this campaign, I wrote about it before for Air New Zealand’s Lord of the Rings Safety Video, so take a look for another cracking safety video and for ideas of how to make something dull and necessary into something fun and engaging. Enjoy!

Creative Campaigns #4: Where’s Wally? The UK hunt begins with Virgin!

Creative Campaigns #4: Where’s Wally? The UK hunt begins with Virgin!

In a bid to engage the six-week family summer holiday crowd Virgin have created a campaign to promote its summer train ticket deals and it is brilliant. I mean it hits the marker on so many levels, stakeholders, engagement and the fun-factor.

I’m not sure what kid wouldn’t like this. I was and am a fan of Where’s Wally, opting for the inconspicuous  iPhone app rather than a book broadcasting my ‘finding fun’ now that I’m at an age where others can frown upon it.

Anyway, I could easily go off topic here. Virgin have hidden pictures of Wally all around country and on their various forms of transport (trains and planes!) to liven up the tedious journeys that every summer holiday inevitably has. Making adults sigh with relief as they can distract, I mean encourage their youngsters to be eagle-eyed to spot the illusive Wally.

This is a PR campaign that’s aiming for summer longevity – we are half way through the academic summer break and this is the first I’ve heard of it and I’ve been to London quite a few times. I’m in PR, I read every paper going every morning and am signed up to more news feeds than I can possibly get through and I had not heard a thing about it until I went looking for my next creative campaign to write about. This is a great campaign Virgin – more promotion please, don’t waste this cracking idea. You’ve got commuter towns, all with young families heading to the big smoke for some summer entertainment, who would love to take part in this.

It’s difficult at the best of times to get something that will both amuse the kids and adults all at once. Virgin have also created a competition, so if you take a photo of the found Wally and use the hashtag #FoundWally you are entered to win a luxury weekend away in London. Winning entertainment for the kids, and a possible actual win for the adults. Engagement all round. Nice one Virgin.

Now just get a wriggle on and get it out to the masses, because I for one am off to grab my godsons as an excuse to go hunting for Wally! Find Wally this summer with Virgin!Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 21.58.54

Creative Campaigns #3: Powerade’s workout billboards

Looking for campaign inspiration? Well I’m back with a creative campaign that will get you thinking!

Recently in Berlin Ogilvy & Mather found a way to directly link their product to its intended purpose through advertising that actively created brand engagement.

Most companies with a service or product are looking to create active links between their brand and its purpose. By finding a link to join the two directly with its stakeholders, or customers in this case, is a fun way of actively bringing it to their attention with a reward of the product itself at the end. Everyone loves a freebie!