THAT Dissertation Photo…

THAT Dissertation Photo…



Ah, the obligatory ‘I’ve handed my dissertation in – thank god for that’ photo…




A deliriously happy photo, with a beaming smile clutching the 20,000 words you’ve written…

…a badge of honour for all students.


Congratulations to the Class of 2014! We did it!

1 Day To Go…

1 Day To Go…

I’m at the end of a year long journey that started as a bit of a joke…

About two years ago I gave myself six months to July 2013 to find a job in the PR industry and if I hadn’t found one by then I’d venture back into education to get some credentials and learn the tools of the trade.

However, I really thought this was seriously never going to happen and the joke became bigger and bigger.

My friend Mischa, a journalist, had been looking in to Master’s degrees and had been helping me improve my writing skills and she made it sound like quite a good idea so I had a glance myself.  Before I knew it a prospectus landed on my doormat. My local University, Southampton Solent, actually had one of the best PR Masters courses in the UK, but I was reluctant and it made a permanent home on the side gathering dust.

July rolled around pretty quickly and the idea of the Master’s hadn’t gone away. In fact, it was niggling away at me.

I picked up the prospectus. I put it down. Crisis of confidence hit big time. Could I go back to University?! I mean academically I’d got lazy. What if I couldn’t do it? I picked it up and then down it went again. Could I? Couldn’t I?

And then it hit me. What was I waiting for?

I want to move forward and progress and to do so I needed to bring out the big nerdy glasses and stick my head in some books and learn what PR was actually all about (and before this degree, I really didn’t have a clue! I thought I knew, but I was wildly wrong!).

So I crafted my application and within a month I’d submitted and been accepted. I was in. Holy Guacamole.

Fast forward to a year later,  I have held down a full time job, a full time Master’s degree, rode a roller coaster of emotions and been a social recluse. Now I find myself on the eve of the dissertation hand in deadline equipped with the skills to achieve my goals.

What’s next, who knows? But whatever it is, I’m ready!

Sports fans, I need your help!

So, it’s that time. The dissertation deadline is looming and it’s time to conduct some good old primary research! Oh yeah, for those of you not in the know, I’m a Public Relations Masters Student…I really need to write my ‘About Me’ section!

If you could take 5 minutes to help me out that would be fantastic…

Do you like the FIFA World Cup, the Tour De France or the Commonwealth Games?

If so, I would be incredibly grateful if you could fill out one (or more!) of the surveys below for my Masters Dissertation.

Each survey takes approximately 5 minutes (15 questions per survey).

World Cup fans, please fill out this survey:

Tour De France fans, please fill out this survey:

Commonwealth Games fans, please fill out this survey:

A big, huge whopper of a Thank You and an internet high five is coming your way!