CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #32 – Provoke Piers

CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #32 – Provoke Piers

“Do you want your next marketing campaign to trend globally? Do you want guaranteed media coverage? If the answer is yes, then it seems all you really have to do is annoy Piers Morgan.”

This is the opening paragraph from One Minute Briefs and Ready10 agency’s ‘pop-up’ website that’s a tongue in cheek pop at Piers Morgan.

The news anchor and controversial media juggernaut has already driven two of this year’s biggest PR stunts from Greggs and Gillette and the website makes a joke at the broadcaster’s expense. It ‘informs’ other agencies on how they can capitalise on this new trend of provocation PR with a ‘Piers Morgan headline generator’.

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Creative Campaigns #24 – Benefit’s #outofthisworld BADgal BANG! mascara launch

Creative Campaigns #24 – Benefit’s #outofthisworld BADgal BANG! mascara launch

The beauty and blogging world has gone nuts for the latest mascara from cosmetics company Benefit.

The PR surrounding the launch has been truly #outofthisworld!

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Creative Campaigns #22 – This is Christmas. TalkTalk’s Christmas advert

Creative Campaigns #22 – This is Christmas. TalkTalk’s Christmas advert

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Creative Campaigns #10 – “Got no strings” Beats by Dre

Creative Campaigns #10 – “Got no strings” Beats by Dre

It’s throwback Thursday and this is my tenth creative campaign post, to celebrate I’ve got a great PR campaign for you from last year.

In October 2016, Beats by Dre released an advert for it’s bluetooth headphones

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Creative Campaigns #5: Another incredible Air New Zealand Safety Video starring the All Blacks

What do you get when you combine Air New Zealand, the All Blacks and the Men in Black?


Stakeholder Engagement.

And an instant social media viral sensation.

What Air New Zealand is doing is focusing on an important safety feature that is often overlooked and bringing attention to it through a series of cool parody videos that engage a wide demographic. It uses popular culture and topical events, the classic film and the fact there is a Rugby World Cup just around the corner, to make you pay attention to the important safety features you would usually ignore at the beginning of your flight. And this is why it’s a cracking creative campaign. If you don’t know about this campaign, I wrote about it before for Air New Zealand’s Lord of the Rings Safety Video, so take a look for another cracking safety video and for ideas of how to make something dull and necessary into something fun and engaging. Enjoy!

Creative Campaigns #3: Powerade’s workout billboards

Looking for campaign inspiration? Well I’m back with a creative campaign that will get you thinking!

Recently in Berlin Ogilvy & Mather found a way to directly link their product to its intended purpose through advertising that actively created brand engagement.

Most companies with a service or product are looking to create active links between their brand and its purpose. By finding a link to join the two directly with its stakeholders, or customers in this case, is a fun way of actively bringing it to their attention with a reward of the product itself at the end. Everyone loves a freebie!

Creative Campaigns #1: The Fun Theory

Creative Campaigns #1: The Fun Theory

One of my favourite aspects of PR is branding and campaigns. Sometimes companies just get branding right. They nail it. If the term ‘x-factor’ wasn’t now mainly associated with a TV talent show, this is exactly where you’d use it. It’s a mixture of innovation, creativity and genius.

I’ve decided that I’ll feature my favourites in this blog, some you’ll know, others you won’t, some will be old and some may be new, but whatever they do I hope they bring a smile to your face and inspire you in your own PR creations.

Have a look and watch the videos at…

The fun theory doesn’t focus on the VW brand. It’s focus is on entertainment, engagement and behaviour change and that’s where it wins big time. I remember when this first came out in 2009, it was one of the first brands to adopt this concept that didn’t totally focus on shoving the brand in your face. It’s still used as an innovative example to this very day, as I was recently shown it in one of my PR lectures. Enjoy!