CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #35 – Super Bowl LIII adverts

CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #35 – Super Bowl LIII adverts

Super Bowl Sunday heralds the biggest, most creative adverts from brands looking to stand out in that all important commercial break.

The ads have got such a reputation now that people deliberately watch them and some brands now release the adverts days early to capitalise on the buzz of America’s biggest sporting event.

Even us Brits are staying up late (thanks to the BBC) to get our American football, cough TOM BRADY cough, fix. Let’s not even talk about how cool coach McVay is either – 33 years old and the youngest head coach ever.

Here’s my favourite 10, er 11 sorry, creative adverts from 2019’s Super Bowl LIII that I reckon are worth your eyeball time…

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F,C,K, M and E Marks and Spencer!

F,C,K, M and E Marks and Spencer!

Ooooohhhh La La…Marks and Sparks what a naughty blunder on your website, or was it?

Those seeking a Christmas bargain this week got a message they weren’t expecting when looking for letter ornaments on the Marks and Spencer website. The letters appeared in the order of F, C, K, M and E with a U in the row above when price low to high was selected.

Now of course the Marks and Spencer PR team were out immediately in full force with a spokeswoman who denies any intention behind it and provided a pretty standard PR crisis statement – ‘This was due to the algorithms used to display products on our website. It was quickly spotted and corrected.’ – Yawn!

But it wasn’t removed quickly enough before the public got their hands on it and for it to go viral now was it ?!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 22.09.37

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 22.09.45

Hmm, a mistake?! I’m sceptical. This is a way for Marks and Spencer to start their Christmas campaign early and achieve some pre-campaign hype of the humorous and cheeky kind, whether it was intentional or not.

This is an example of viral marketing (Excuse me M and S Lawyers, this could be an example of…) where social media is harnessed through a PR stunt to increase brand awareness.

There is so much to gain from such a little gaff. The Christmas PR and advertising race has become iconic, a top earner and a competition like no other among the big retailers. Although it isn’t appropriate to start the Christmas adverts yet, this sort of mistake, regardless of intention, has now given Marks and Spencer a platform to build on. They already have the consumer’s attention, an edge above it’s competitors prior to the prime Christmas advertising months. It’s a smart PR move, I mean mistake! 😉

Creative Campaigns #4: Where’s Wally? The UK hunt begins with Virgin!

Creative Campaigns #4: Where’s Wally? The UK hunt begins with Virgin!

In a bid to engage the six-week family summer holiday crowd Virgin have created a campaign to promote its summer train ticket deals and it is brilliant. I mean it hits the marker on so many levels, stakeholders, engagement and the fun-factor.

I’m not sure what kid wouldn’t like this. I was and am a fan of Where’s Wally, opting for the inconspicuous  iPhone app rather than a book broadcasting my ‘finding fun’ now that I’m at an age where others can frown upon it.

Anyway, I could easily go off topic here. Virgin have hidden pictures of Wally all around country and on their various forms of transport (trains and planes!) to liven up the tedious journeys that every summer holiday inevitably has. Making adults sigh with relief as they can distract, I mean encourage their youngsters to be eagle-eyed to spot the illusive Wally.

This is a PR campaign that’s aiming for summer longevity – we are half way through the academic summer break and this is the first I’ve heard of it and I’ve been to London quite a few times. I’m in PR, I read every paper going every morning and am signed up to more news feeds than I can possibly get through and I had not heard a thing about it until I went looking for my next creative campaign to write about. This is a great campaign Virgin – more promotion please, don’t waste this cracking idea. You’ve got commuter towns, all with young families heading to the big smoke for some summer entertainment, who would love to take part in this.

It’s difficult at the best of times to get something that will both amuse the kids and adults all at once. Virgin have also created a competition, so if you take a photo of the found Wally and use the hashtag #FoundWally you are entered to win a luxury weekend away in London. Winning entertainment for the kids, and a possible actual win for the adults. Engagement all round. Nice one Virgin.

Now just get a wriggle on and get it out to the masses, because I for one am off to grab my godsons as an excuse to go hunting for Wally! Find Wally this summer with Virgin!Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 21.58.54