What’s in my MAC goodie bag?

AtΒ my first ever blogger event, the MAC Liptensity launch, I was given a lovely little bag of samples. Have a look inside my bag for a little review on each product…

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PR Buzz Word #2: Post-truth…

What does it mean? If you’re off to the office Christmas party and hitting the social scene this season, be the one in the know with this topical term!

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Bright Lights Big City has reached 100 followers!


If only you could see me doing my happy dance around the living room like an idiot right now! Read More

Taco Bell is now in Southampton!

An open plan kitchen, free refills and the famous laid back Californian attitude has changed the face of Southampton’s fast-food scene. Taco Bell has arrived in Southampton. Read More

PR and blogger gift ideas for Christmas 2016

It’s that time of year already. The great Christmas present hunt begins. Here are some ideas to take some of the pressure off. Show the PR person in your life that you’ve thought about what might help them get through their working week.

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The six C’s of blogger boxes

Blogger subscription boxes have really taken off over the past six years since Birchbox came up with its beauty box idea back in 2010.Β  Read More

Why you shouldn’t blog every day…

Lately I’ve been looking at social media and strategy to help me promote my blog. Lots of sites and bloggers recommend posting daily,Β so I decided to follow that advice as a bit of an experiment to see what I could learn from it.

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