New Years Eve round up!

New Years Eve is all about celebration and looking back to be able to look forward.

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Boxing Day merriment – it’s game time!

Today’s all about those leftovers and party games. Whether you’re nursing a sore head or back on it making the most of that Christmas spirit have a great day!

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Happy Christmas!

Bright Lights Big City wishes you all

a very merry Christmas!

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Christmas Eve treats for the big man

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice…

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Facebook’s getting festive!

Facebook is clearly feeling the festive vibes with their latest seasonal offering.

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Fake news on social media

The rise of citizen journalism has brought about a wave of fake news sites. Parody accounts have arrived that mimic world events and poke fun at media headlines, or the lack of them.

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Bright Lights Big City has reached 200 followers

Well that was a shock! I can’t believe it’s 200 already, it was only last month that I reached 100 followers.

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Bright Lights Big City now has a Facebook page!

Bright Lights Big City is growing and it is definitely time for it to grace someΒ space on Facebook. SoΒ now along with all the other great bloggers out there, this blog has a page on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

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It’s Facebook privacy check-up time!

Do you know how to check your privacy settings on Facebook? Don’t worry I didn’t either! Facebook are doing aΒ little prompt at the moment that guides you through a privacy check up. If you haven’t got this prompt yet, I’ll show you where to go to check your privacy settings manually. Read More

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