Running with Roots

Zippin’ up my boots.Β Goin’ back to my roots.Β Yeah!
Ok, so this is not about the Odyssey dancehall classic.
In this case the boots are trainers and the roots are the newest vegetable blended drink from Roots Collective.Β  Read More

ParkLives Southampton

Coca Cola are sponsoring free activity sessions in parks across the nation through an initiative called ParkLives. Read More

Bright Lights Big City is on

In June I got invited to contribute to a piece put together by which asked bloggers for long-haul flight tips. Read More

Wimbledon at Westquay – advantage you!

Game. Set. Match. Wimbledon took centre stage in the new part of Westquay during the two week tournament. Read More

Southampton’s snailing it!

Did you catch the snail trail recently in Southampton? Thanks to the new stage of Westquay, things have got a bit more interesting down by Southampton’s old walls lately. Read More

Going rogue in Southampton

Looking for a new brunch, lunch and cocktail spot? Rogues Cafe is a hidden gem right in the heart of Southampton. Read More

PR Buzz Word #8: Woke

If you’ve watched the recent hit series Dear White People on Netflix, followed the Black Lives Matter movement or read The Guardian lately, you’ll have seen the term ‘woke’ becoming more frequently used.

Read More

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