Week one of the #YogaGirlChallenge

Find out how I got on in my first week of the #yogagirlchallenge to do #yogaeverydamnday during September. Read More

Blogger and traveller camera recommendations from Jessops

Looking for a new camera? Well then this post might help! Jessops has returned to UK high streets. I caught up with Joe in the new Southampton store recently to get some camera recommendations for bloggers, vloggers and travellers for a range of different activities.  Read More

#Yogagirlchallenge starts today!

It’s time for #yogaeverydamnday! Read More

A yoga challenge for September

September is National Yoga Month and I’m taking on the #yogagirlchallenge to practice #yogaeverydamndayRead More

The deer on my doorstep

The other night I came home from the gym, stepped out of the car and it felt like someone was watching me. Read More

Adventures in Arundel

Arundel Castle

The brilliant thing about true friends is that when you do catch up with them it is like you’ve never been apart.  Read More

Visit Vospers for brilliant burgers!

Vospers in Southampton

The newly opened Centenary Quay has had a host of cool independent restaurants open from the founders of super hip Hampshire coffee chain, Mettricks. The first to throw open its doors on the other side of the bridge is Vospers, a new burger joint paying homage to Southampton‘s local boat building history. Read More

#ILiveItIBlogIt launches in 3 days! Here’s how you can get involved…

Blogger John Sennett is launching #ILiveItIBlogIt, a campaign to celebrate diversity in blogging.  Read More

Are we one step away from ‘The Circle’?

The latest film from Netflix, The Circle, questions just how much technology is too much. Are Google, Facebook and other social media platforms on the brink of taking it too far?

Privacy is important and there needs to be a line to stop social media from being abused. With articles coming out on microchipping employees and Netflix echoing the sentiment should we be worried that this is the future? Read More

Bright Lights Big City reaches 500 followers

It’s not about numbers but, it’s great to see a community growing! Read More

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