New Years Eve 2019 round up!

New Years Eve 2019 round up!

At this time of the year I always look back so I am able to look forward. It’s become a real favourite thing of mine to do and I like to reflect on the year and think about what I want to achieve in the next 12 months.

This is the fourth round up post I’ve done on New Years Eve that contains all my blog posts from the past year, a few highlights, and some intentions and plans for the year.

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How to make a Christmas snowflake jingle bell garland

How to make a Christmas snowflake jingle bell garland

In this ‘how to’ creation I’ve embraced this year’s resurgence of the macrame trend and mashed it up with Christmas for a festive make.

I hope you like this festive creation from my brain, once you have the individual bits it’s relatively quick to put together.

The knotting of the macrame garland is the bit that takes the most time though.

I gave these as gifts this Christmas and some have been hung up and others put on Christmas trees as alternative tinsel decorations.

Here’s a step by step guide if you fancy making your own…

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Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

An alternative belated Merry Christmas from me to you…

Typical, I had a message prepared and then I went and caught THAT bug that’s been going around which stopped me from posting it.

And, I’m actually really pleased it did. It was just too darn fluffy and not realistic, so here’s a shortened re-worked edit for all of you in chrimbo limbo out there.

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Bright Lights Big City is featured on CNN Travel

Bright Lights Big City is featured on CNN Travel

Happy Winter Solstice!

Celebrating the shortest day of the year at Stonehenge in Wiltshire is a real privilege. Winter and summer solstice is the only time of the year you can go into the stone circle and touch them. It’s totally incredible and my second year spending solstice at the stones.

The unique experience is one to tick off the bucket list for many people and CCN Travel were interested in my trip and images to share with their readers…

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Festive Aesop’s Fables at Hinton Ampner in Winchester

Festive Aesop’s Fables at Hinton Ampner in Winchester

A day date to Hinton Ampner was everything I needed to embrace all the festive feels this winter!

Classic childhood tales were brought to life through decorated Christmas scenes in each room of the elegant country manor house based in the heart of Hampshire.

Here’s a few snaps of the beautiful rooms and stories from the day…

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Support local with Love Southsea

Support local with Love Southsea

ᵃᵈ  Love Southsea is an established independent market scene in Portsmouth – one well worth popping by if you’re visiting the city!

Take a look at the brand built by Pompey born and bred, Lulu, who’s championing Southsea across Portsmouth and beyond.

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An evening at Winchester Christmas Market 2019

An evening at Winchester Christmas Market 2019

In the crazy countdown to Christmas every weekend in the lead up was fully booked and this year’s annual trip to the Winchester Christmas Market was in jeopardy!

It always makes me feel festive and as it’s so close to home and I was gutted at the thought of missing out on it.

Spontaneity struck and Friday night after work I picked up Henry and surprised him with a visit in the evening.

Take a look at how stunning the market is as night…

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Etsy Made Local Festive Market Southampton 2019

Etsy Made Local Festive Market Southampton 2019

How hard is it to find unique gifts for that special someone? You know, that person that’s super difficult to buy for, the one that has everything. I always find that a local Christmas market is usually the place to buy a gift for these people you might get stuck trying to find a gift for.

The third annual Etsy Festive Market in Southampton was the biggest yet!

Local independent Etsy makers showcased some incredible gifts in real life in The Spark Building at Solent University.

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How to make homemade recycled Christmas crackers

How to make homemade recycled Christmas crackers

I love a seasonal ‘how to’, and if you do too you’ll want to check out my festive makes from previous years under the ‘Seasonal’ section in the menu.

This year I knew I wanted to make some of my Christmas gifts and crackers are a little luxury that really lend itself to a festive make and gift that goes down well.

I don’t know about you but I loathe spending money on Christmas crackers because they are really expensive, usually rubbish and a horrible drain on the environment.

I first tried making recycled crackers last year and they went down a storm with friends and family, so I’ve decided to make them again and refined the process a little.

There’s plenty of things you can use from your home to make these, and the key to making sure they are made from recycled materials is good preparation.

Here’s my step by step guide to making your own Christmas crackers…

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Winter Solstice at Stone Henge 2018

Winter Solstice at Stone Henge 2018

You can travel the world but some of the most awesome adventures really are right on your doorstep.

I joined the Pagans, Wiccans and Druids, for the magic of Winter Solstice, and it was the perfect end to 2018 and a way to totally re-energise for 2019.

Heading to Stonehenge in Salisbury for the solstice celebrations, made me feel spiritual, present and connected.

In many ways this experience helped me in ways I can’t ever thank it for. Yes, it sounds totally hippy but, it really healed some wounds and besides that, it was a truly incredible experience.

If you’re looking for epic experiences in the UK, this has to be on your list.

Take a look at my trip in 2018…

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