Consumers vs campaigners – low-sugar Lucozade

The battle brands face with a looming sugar tax is a growing one. This week Lucozade unveiled it’s new reformulated energy drink that has cut the sugar content by 50 per cent. The reviews so far aren’t great. Read More

Fall down the rabbit hole with Wonderland at the Mayflower

This Easter the Mayflower hosts the UK and European première of Wonderland between Tuesday 18 and Saturday 22 April.

Wonderland is a musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. It follows the adventures of a grown up Alice as she quests to save her daughter, discover who she is and find true love. Read More

Happy Easter 2017!

A very quick post today, full of joy and warm wishes…

Read More

Spring paddle boarding adventures on the South Coast of England

Having a break from your day to day life and going on an adventure is always a good thing. Even better when that adventure can be on your doorstep. Here’s a few pictures from my recent paddle boarding trip, it might bring you some inspiration to find something fun near you. Read More

Creative Campaigns #11 – Sainsbury’s Living Well campaign

In Sainsbury’s latest PR campaign they are using real people in their adverts to connect with their audience. Read More

I’m on Vuelio’s Blogger Spotlight!

Recently Vuelio listed me as a top UK PR blogger and they also had a little chat with me about my blog for their regular feature, Blogger Spotlight. Read More

Your Other Half – Sophie Personne’s guide to better relationships with others & yourself

Our whole lives centre around relationships – colleagues, clients, friends, family, partners and even the one with ourself. Read More

April Fool’s Day 2017 round up!

This year companies have gone all out on April Fool’s Day. I’ve been keeping a keen eye on social media, TV and the newspapers today to round up a selection of the best for you. Read More

Birchbox March goes back to it’s roots

March’s Birchbox returns to the original format it first had back over six years ago, the original kraft box. Here’s my review of this month’s products. Read More

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