Libertine Don Giovanni seduces Southampton through song

The libertine, the seducer, the swine! Don Giovanni flirted his way right into the hearts of the crowd, with the third in the series of the rabble rouser operas, at the Mayflower Theatre.

The Welsh National Opera held a trio of Italian operas at the iconic Southampton venue from some of the world’s greatest composers for its Spring season.

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Second Cup arrives in Southampton

Canadian coffee house Second Cup has opened its doors in Southampton on the high street.

I popped over for a little caffeine fix and to check out the new store, come take a peek inside with me!

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A chat with ‘Don Giovanni’ ahead of his Mayflower Theatre performance

A trio of operas performed by the Welsh National Opera comes to Mayflower Theatre this week for the Rabble Rousers Season.

On Friday I’ll be seeing Don Giovanni, an opera based on Don Juan, the fictional libertine and legendary seducer.  It’s a classic story that’s been told in many ways since 1787. Lovers, murder and vengeance, highs and lows, comedy and tragedy. I’ve been assured it is a classic.

As you might be able to tell, opera isn’t my normal night out. But, as you know by now, I’m one for getting out of my comfort zone and challenging perceptions and stereotypes. Opera is extremely popular, and it’s about time I gave it a second chance.

Ahead of the show I spoke to Gavan Ring, an Irish tenor, who will be playing Don Giovanni, about his love for the opera, and how it’s becoming more accessible to millennials like me.

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What I’ve learnt from filming my first vlog

Oh my goodness, where do I start? I’ve got a lot to learn. Here’s 10 video basics that I’ve learnt from doing my first vlog. Read More

Creative Campaigns #26 – McDonalds’ International Women’s Day PR stunt

In a PR stunt to mark International Women’s Day global fast-food chain McDonalds flipped the golden arches upside down.

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Wood fired pizza at Supermarine

At the latest Southampton Bloggers meet up I got to sample cosmos and crispy pizza at Supermarine.

It’s a part of the new restaurants and shops at Centenary Quay on the Woolston side of the Itchen Bridge.

Have a look at the pizzas, wood fired oven and cosy decor at this new Southampton restaurant in this post.

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New Hoxton Bakehouse launches in Winchester

Here’s a look around the newest breakfast spot and bakery to open in Winchester.

It’s a cafe version of the Hoxton Bakehouse, a bakery in Southampton. It’s so popular that people queue up on a Saturday morning to bag themselves the tastiest loaves in town! Read More

Bright Lights Big City features in ‘This week in PR’, PR Place, 9 March

Bright Lights Big City was featured in the 9 March edition of ‘This week in PR’ on PR Place.

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