How to watch floating videos on Facebook…

The ability to watch a video while you scroll through your newsfeed or navigating around the app has been available on Facebook for over a year.

I’ve been using the floating video function on You Tube for a long time but I didn’t know a similar feature was available on Facebook.

If you don’t know how to use this feature read this guide which tells you how.

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Facebook downgrades fake news

Facebook has recently responded to the surge of fake news circulating on its pages. The algorithms that populate the platform have been changed to downgrade false news and clickbait. Read More

Earned, owned, paid and shared media – what do they mean?

Nail these terms so you look like a pro in the office.

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Food inspo on Instagram

The past few months have provided a wealth of new wonderful foodie discoveries on Instagram. Get ahead of the curve with these three food accounts that are on the rise.

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PR Buzz Word #5: Cut-and-paste creativity

Watch out for this one. It could get you in a lot of trouble.

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Southampton strikes it right with new Hollywood Bowl!

Hollywood Bowl has rolled in to town with a bowling bonanza launch night. Off I went to see if I was the next Usain Bolt of bowling or if I’d spend more time hanging out in the gutter. Read More

Sprinkle happiness with January’s Birchbox

Come and take a peek at the goodies in this month’s Birchbox.

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All hail the sock saviour!

Talking about problem feet is fairly embarrassing. Harsh seasons and busy lives take their toll on our soles and no one wants to put sandals on with unsightly cracks on their heels.

SockShop has invented beautyfeet, a heel pad sock, to help with this very problem.

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Southampton gets stylish with the launch of All Bar One

It’s been a busy week. The next wave of restaurants and bars opened at Southampton’s new Westquay building.

All Bar One celebrated its launch with a VIP party which showcased its menu and cocktails. I was lucky to receive an invite to see what this new hot spot has to offer.

These openings are a welcome break from the usual tedium of January, there’s nothing like sipping cocktails while laughing with friends to keep the nip of winter away.  Read More

Red Dog Saloon brings authentic American BBQ to Southampton

Southampton’s on the up with with the opening of the new Westquay building. It’s brought a whole host of culinary delights to try.

Red Dog Saloon, an authentic American BBQ smoke-house, is the latest family-run business to open its doors. I was kindly invited to the launch event to sample a wide range of their mouth-watering dishes. Read More

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