The Ocean Film Festival UK

Inspiration can be found anywhere. But it’s good to get the creative juices flowing by doing different things that might fuel an idea in the future. I’m always on the hunt for something new and exciting that inspires me or pushes me out of my comfort zone.

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The first of many paddle boarding adventures to come

The crisp, cold autumn air was soon put in its place as I manned the paddle board pump with gusto. Ten minutes later, having brought my board to life, I was ready to go.  Read More

PR students’ curation creation

Southampton Solent University students have decided to curate their own public relations textbook and they are looking for contributions from PR professionals.

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Insta-shopping is on its way

Soon that image will be a purchase just one tap away. Instagram announced that next week it is going to be conducting online shopping trials in the US on Apple’s iOS version of Instagram.

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Autumn discoveries & Happy Halloween 2016

Autumnal weekends rock. Reds and oranges, indicative of the change of season, transform woodland in to fiery landscapes that are picture perfect. Not only do the warm colours look beautiful but the crisp crunches and rustling of  fallen leaves provide the soundtrack to the season. It is one of my favourite times of year.

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The decline of Vine

This week Twitter has announced it is closing Vine, which has also coincided with it cutting it’s workforce due to slow growth of the platform. Read More

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