Bright Lights Big City now has a Facebook page!

Bright Lights Big City is growing and it is definitely time for it to grace some space on Facebook. So now along with all the other great bloggers out there, this blog has a page on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

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It’s Facebook privacy check-up time!

Do you know how to check your privacy settings on Facebook? Don’t worry I didn’t either! Facebook are doing a little prompt at the moment that guides you through a privacy check up. If you haven’t got this prompt yet, I’ll show you where to go to check your privacy settings manually. Read More

PR Buzz Word #3: Instabombing…

What is Instabombing? Polish up your Instagram knowledge with this little gem so you can be the centre of all the lol’s when you are at festive gatherings.

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Boost your knowledge in 20 minutes with Joosr

Let’s set the record, books are precious. So it would be easy to think Joosr, a new app that condenses books in to shorter versions of themselves, is a threat to everything that makes literature great.

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Art, fashion and comedy inspiration on Instagram

Witty Instagram accounts are a little slice of humour that brightens your day. I’m always looking for new people and inspirational feeds to follow on Instagram and this is my latest find.

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Festive photo fun at Cue Camera!

Come and take a look at the exciting new pop-up photo studio in Guildhall Square, Southampton!

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What does my Facebook profile look like to other people?

It’s really important to know how Facebook appears to viewers. Most platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, keep their main profile the same but, what Facebook shows you can be very different to what it shows other users depending on your settings. Read More

What’s in my MAC goodie bag?

At my first ever blogger event, the MAC Liptensity launch, I was given a lovely little bag of samples. Have a look inside my bag for a little review on each product…

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