Kit for your trip – Teva Sandals

Are you looking for a great all round sandal for your next adventure? Getting the right kit for your trip is really very important. Finding decent shoes is a real struggle especially when you’re trying to fit a month’s worth of clothes and supplies to fit in a 20kg suitcase.

Before heading to Australia I did so much research to find great items that would be versatile, would mean I could pack light and above all else were quality and could survive the elements and being put through its paces.

Footwear is tricky when your travel adventure has you hiking in rainforest and up mountains one moment, clambering through rock pools the next and then hitting the city to sight see.

I discovered Teva a week before I left and thanks to next day delivery I’ve had a solid two years of adventuring with excellent sandals!

Discovering Teva

It was thanks to my Mum that I found the shoes that got me through a month in Australia and have had me climbing rocks and wading through the water ever since.

I’d spent so long researching what the right travel sandal might be on a relatively strict budget and just didn’t know what to buy.

I’m a little bit embarrassed as when my Mum first suggested looking at a pair of Teva sandals like hers I totally turned my nose up at a pair. She’d already been off adventuring in a pair for over a year and she couldn’t stop raving about them.

Buying the same shoes as my Mum? Hmmm, I just wasn’t keen. Although my Mum has pretty high standards and if it’s got her seal of approval you know something’s good I just wanted to find something myself which is completely illogical. She’s pretty cool too, so I really don’t know what my problem was. Hey, I’ve got to still be able to rebel in some small way at 30 right?

With a week before my Australian trip, and it being the middle of December in the UK, I didn’t have many options. I really wanted to see them in person before buying, I’m old fashioned, and because my Mum had a pair I could give them a look over and see if I thought they might be a good fit.

Thank Zeus for next day delivery – as I wasn’t sure what size I would be, I have difficult feet, I ordered two different sizes on the fly.

The shoe fit Cinderella – phew!

What a blessing in disguise my purchase was. Now, two years in, I wouldn’t be without a pair of Teva sandals for my travels and adventures!

The pair I bought were the colourful ombre orange criss-cross Tirra and I think they were first released in 2016 but I bought my pair December 2017.

This style must be popular as it’s still available in various different colours on the Teva website.

Travel with Teva

What makes these sandals great for travel?

Ok, what I’m going to say next is going to make me sound like a grandma but when you’re hiking all day through different terrains this stuff matters. And, I don’t care. I want comfort god-dammit!

I needed a pair of sandals that were truly versatile, that would take me from the mountains to the city all in the same day. I needed them to be robust enough to cope with the wet, could be walked on for many miles without falling apart and stop me from falling over when it’s slippery underfoot.

Sandal features

Here’s the reasons I love these sandals and why they might be a great travel companion for you.

Oh this isn’t an AD by the way, anything that helps people with being comfortable while travelling I think deserves to be shared!

Squishy, shock absorbing, supportive soles

Long days walking put a lot of impact through your feet, hips and legs and a bit of support will make sure you protect your knees and joints in the future. Trust me, future you will thank me.

Adjustable straps

Great for my wide feet or if your feet swell in the heat. No judgement, we’ve all been there! And, if you haven’t experienced that yet well count yourself lucky and don’t rub it in my face! 😂😂😂 Plus, if we ended up at the beach my shoes came off in seconds or I could wear them on rocky and stoney beaches and in the water – added bonus!

Waterproof material

Quick to dry and easy to maintain. Perfect for travelling!

Grippy soles

I climbed some pretty steep slopes, descended some sharp hills and climbed a lot of rocks and these kept me upright which is pretty amazing given how clumsy I am and prone to falling over.

The real test came walking over slippery rocks in water, I did this several times in Australia and didn’t fall over once. I even made it all the way through Merlin’s Cave, at Tintagel in Cornwall, while my fellow travellers got stuck at the entrance to the cave! That’s a win in my book!

Hooks to hang the sandals up

Being able to carabiner these onto my rucksack while they dried or while I walked on the beach was so handy, this was such a useful feature that I totally underrated before finding it so convenient.

If you’re facing a footwear dilemma for your trip, it might be worth checking Teva out, they’ve stood by me really well and as you can see two years in they’re still looking pretty good – if not a little muddy from adventure!

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