Bao buns at Two Doors Down in Southsea

It’s safe to say I’m completely obsessed with bao buns. After having them at Wagamamas my obsession grew during my travels to Australia last year. I tried to eat as many as possible in China Town in Melbourne, in Sydney and Perth!

I haven’t found many places in the UK that do them yet, especially not in the south! Although I’m sure there’s loads of places that do them in London before you start @-ing me.

Anyway, you’ll imagine my surprise when Henry and I were walking through Southsea looking for somewhere to eat and stumbled on Two Doors Down.

Two Doors Down, Southsea, Portsmouth

Opening around two years ago it’s one of the many new foodie places that has opened up in Southsea on Osborne Road. It’s one of the restaurants that’s helping Portsmouth’s food scene thrive and grow.

Bright seating, colourful lighting and booths tucked away at the back create an intimate setting for dinner – you can’t miss the neon pink sign as soon as you walk in!

This cosy little restaurant is bao bun central and the menu jam is packed with a blend of Chinese-Western-American street food. I was in my element, I’m usually very indecisive but, I knew exactly what I wanted off the menu.

The pork belly bao bun
pork belly bao bun
Inside the pork belly bao bun

Soon one each of the prawn, chicken, jack fruit and pork belly bao buns arrived at the table, along with a portion of chips. While we’d been chatting constantly about the weekend the next part of the meal fell silent. I always find that happens with good food. Silence is golden.

prawn bao bun
The prawn bao bun with pineapple sauce
chicken bao bun
The chicken bao bun
jack fruit bao bun
The jack fruit bao bun

We scoffed the buns because they were ruddy delicious and they even accommodated for my onion allergy. Not an onion in sight – WIN!

Each one was very tasty but, my favourite was the pork belly, it was crispy, full of flavour and contrasts nicely with the soft buns. It was also the first time I’ve ever had jack fruit, which mimics the texture of pulled pork, it also feels a bit like a shredded artichoke and takes on other flavours very easily.

The prawn was also excellent, and if it had another prawn jammed in the bun I think it would have beaten the pork into poll position in the taste stakes.

ice cream bao bun and waffle
The ice cream bao bun and waffle

After a very satisfying main course, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw they had a bao bun pudding. And yes, of course I ordered it! It was a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in a deep fried bao bun and it was INSANE. It kind of tasted like a really delicious doughnut and the hot and cold contrast between the bun and ice cream was a balanced ending to a really very good meal. Oh wait, we also threw in a warm waffle with a scoop of chocolate ice cream to polish everything off.

Henry and I are already planning on returning as there were so many other things we wanted to try on the menu like the tacos, duck and waffle and Korean corn dog.

If you want your share of buns, waffles and ice cream treats and live in or near Portsmouth take a punt on Two Doors Down – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Bex's very happy face after food
A very happy (and full) face!
chocolate waffle
The chocolate waffle


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