Looking for a cake for a special occasion? It’s time to get Caked Away!

If you’re looking for a creative cake, cookie or cupcake for your event then you need to look at Caked Away* – bespoke wedding and occasion cakes by award winning designer Kelly Alger.

Come and take a look at some of Kelly’s incredible designs, she’s totally kick ass!

She’s given me some gorgeous Alpaca cookies which I just adore, aren’t they cute?! I was beyond excited to open the package and just love how adorable the design is – how am I meant to eat them? I mean come on, look at them!

Ok, so eventually I did eat them and they were so delicious I wondered why I hadn’t scoffed them sooner…oh yeah, wait, it’s because the design was so frikkin’ cute.

My talented friend is so versatile, dynamic and alternative and I just love how creative her designs are! Here are a few I’ve borrowed off her Instagram account so you can see how good she is.

I’m going to try and convince Henry that this should be my next birthday cake. HINT HINT!
This is one of my favourite designs, that fox is so unbelievably cute and I love the gorgeous foliage. It’s so perfect!
There’s loads of pictures of this gorgeous cake on Kelly’s Instagram -it’s INSANE and I genuinely think those flowers on each tier must have taken the longest time to complete. Well done Kelly – this is so impressive!

These Disney cakes are also favourites of mine – I’m a big Moana fan and love the simple black sillohette design. 

Caked Away is based in Hampshire and you can contact Kelly to discuss designs and prices at kelly@cakedaway.co.uk

A great place to start is her website where you can find lots of useful information www.cakedaway.co.uk

If you want to see more designs, head over to her Instagram account and pop her a follow.

Click to view Caked Away Kelly ‘s Instagram



*Gifted Alpaca cookies from Caked Away – but also Kelly’s my friend so why wouldn’t I support this amazing creative work! She didn’t ask me if I could blog about it, I asked her if I could blog about them after she’d given them to me!
As always all opinions are my own – otherwise what’s the point?!

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