Wood fired pizza at Supermarine

At the latest Southampton Bloggers meet up I got to sample cosmos and crispy pizza at Supermarine.

It’s a part of the new restaurants and shops at Centenary Quay on the Woolston side of the Itchen Bridge.

Have a look at the pizzas, wood fired oven and cosy decor at this new Southampton restaurant in this post.

The Supermarine menu

The team at Supermarine put together a gorgeous set up on our table. Tiny bunches of flowers, tea lights and a selection of drinks. It was so twinkly and very inviting – what a welcome!

Our beautiful table!

I don’t think the picture truly captures how lovely the table set up was! It made me think it would be a wonderful place to have a gathering with friends for a special occasion.

On arrival we were all offered a range of drinks. I had a sip of the cosmo and I was gutted I was driving, because I could have definitely knocked a couple of these back, they were so good.  I was with the girls, it could have been Sex and the City if I hadn’t have switched to fizzy water straight away. 🤦‍♀️😂

A range of the starters were brought out for us to try including Nocellare Del Belice olives, carprese skewers, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and a range of crostini.

Supermarine starters

My favourite of these was the carpers skewers, a healthy helping of parma ham on a cheesy breadstick, and the Nocellare olives. My description of the skewers probably isn’t the best, but my goodness, they were tasty and they were light, a perfect appetiser before a big pizza!

We tried three of the crostini, the pesto, the avocado and the sausage. The first one I tries was the sausage and it was amazing, incredibly tasty and different to crostini I’ve had before. This was a really good surprise. It’s not something I would normally have considered ordering but, it would definitely be something I choose when we go back!

I’m a huge avocado fan and I thought this was going to be my favourite of all the starters but, if I’d have ordered this crostini I’d have been disappointed.  It needed a bit of a boost. It wasn’t seasoned, was very plain and the bread too soft.

The third and last one I tried was covered in Pesto, which I love, and works well on delicious crispy bread.

After a short break, for pictures of course, we had a range of pizzas brought out for us to try. Some with mozzarella, some with ham and others with sausage.

Ham (I think it was mortadella) and mozzarella pizza

My goodness a wood fired oven sure does make a difference! Crispy bases full of flavour and plenty of toppings made for a blooming tasty pizza.

Parma ham pizza

Alongside the pizza was a fresh pear, rocket and parmesan salad. With all the rich meats and cheese this was a very refreshing side dish to go with it. I could have easily eaten a plate of that salad to myself!

Another successful Southampton Bloggers meet up!

I was also impressed with the vegetarian and vegan choices available. It’s not easy being vegan or vegetarian but the bloggers in our group had a nice looking selection of food too. I was a bit jealous of the avocado pizza to be honest, I didn’t get to try it and it looked amazing.

A nutella and strawberry chocolate pizza!

For pudding, I think the Nutella lovers of our group were in heaven. A huge Nutella pizza topped with fresh strawberries was brought out and it didn’t last long.

Unfortunately I’m not a Nutella fan, shock horror! 😱😱😱 I know, I also don’t like doughnuts, iced buns, meringues and anything with an excessive amount of cream. I am very aware I’m a weirdo on this one.

So as you can imagine I was quite happy to let the Nutella lovers demolish this particular dessert. Yes, it went very quickly, blink and you miss it sort of stuff. So I think it went down very well!

The salted caramel chocolate tart

The salted caramel chocolate tart was more my thing. Rich dark chocolate with a gooey salted caramel base, you only need a little bit to satisfy the sweet tooth.

It was a wonderful evening and I wanted to thank the Supermarine team for inviting me.*

Everyone at dinner

Being able to catch up with the Southampton Bloggers was a real treat too. I met so many new people as well as catching up with existing bloggers.

We have a supportive blogging community in Southampton who work really hard to set up amazing blogging opportunities like this one. What a lucky lot we are!

You can check Supermarine out on Twitter, Facebook and its website.

What a great evening!


*Gifted PR experience – all opinions are my own otherwise what’s the point?!

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