7 thoughts on “How to delete your Vero account

      1. Ooo, excellent point. I wish I’d been more cautious about signing up. It’s taken me over six days to get them to acknowledge my request to delete my account. I do worry about my personal data. You have to put your phone number in to be able to sign up. The terms and conditions indicate that they own a lot of what you put up. It just worries me.


    1. Ugh, I feel your pain. I’m so annoyed I didn’t read the terms and conditions properly when I signed up or take note of the frustrations being vented by other users on Twitter.

      I think legally they have a duty to make deleting an account easy – any legal folk on here that can confirm this?
      Facebook has this nailed this. It’s so easy to remove or suspend your Facebook account. They have got it so right. It’s your data and you should have control over it. It’s made me angry, frustrated and I’m never normally so negative.


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