Brunch at Vospers with Southampton Bloggers

What are you doing for brunch this weekend?

Mimosas for brunch – yes please!

Vospers launched a new brunch menu and Southampton Bloggers met up at Centenary Quay to try it out.

Oh hey everyone! Yes, that’s us doing what bloggers do, when food is delivered we all huddle round it to pap it like it’s a Kardashian fresh from a social media blackout.

It’s been a while since we’d last all met up – I can’t believe all the changes to the group that has happened in such a short space of time. Since I last saw them, which was before Christmas, one’s had a baby, another’s pregnant and others have been on some amazing travel adventures.

Speaking of travel adventures – I’ve just got back from Australia and brunch is king out there! Avocado and halloumi have been staple foods in our household for years and in Australia a brunch spot isn’t complete without it.

So I had to try the vegetarian breakfast muffin off of the new menu. It’s layers of grilled beef tomato and halloumi topped with avocado and a herby garlic mayo.

There was just enough of everything. It really irritates me when there isn’t enough sauce, so I’m glad there was a healthy dollop of mayo on top.

A note to the vampires out there – the garlic mayonnaise is strong, so if you’re not a fan then give this miss. If you’re like me and love the garlic goodness, devour it and then dodge any kisses from your loved ones.

Aerial shots of the vegetarian muffin!

A few highlights off of the Vospers brunch menu

This served up with a latte, a mimosa and a catch up with the girls was just what was needed on a rainy Saturday morning.

The menu focuses around muffins, pancakes and things on toast. Simple things done well.

Here’s some snaps of everyone else’s food so you can get an idea of what Vospers has to offer.

Blueberry and honey pancakes – apparently they were delicious!
Bacon and maple syrup pancakes

According to the girl that had this, it was a lot to get through. It wasn’t tons of food but, I think it’s down to the butter on top. I really struggle to eat bacon and maple syrup pancakes when butter is added. It’s already a very rich meal so adding butter to the sweet and savoury mix adds another level and I think that’s why it feels so filling.

The sausage and egg muffin
Vospers is from the same people that do Mettricks, so yes their coffee game is also very strong!

The meal was so much fun and it gave me the chance to break my Instagram stories cherry. Yes I finally got some images and footage up on the gram.

I found it surprising how much I enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to be using it a lot more from now on. I’m not exactly sure why but there’s something nicer about Instagram stories than Snapchat.

If you want to see what utter nonsense leaves my brain head over to my Instagram account.

Fashionably late, right?!

Brunch was really tasty and you can work up an appetite by combining it with a walk around Queen Victoria Country Park. Equally you could burn off that bacon by heading into town for a stomp around the shops!

If you’re looking for a budget friendly brunch, the meals are all around £5, then it’s definitely worth heading over to try it out. Ok, yes they gave me free food, and who doesn’t like free food but the meal was delicious and I would say if it wasn’t!

I’m also really keen to support local independent bars, cafes and restaurants. Increasingly our towns and cities are full of chains, and while these have their place, there’s also room for wonderful independents to add diversity to our high streets.

On the aesthetic side of things, I have to say the decor is so good. Think exposed pipes, leather chairs, big wooden tables and loads of frames on the wall. It’s got such a nice feel to it and it’s easy to while away a few hours in there.

If brunch isn’t your thing head over to try their fantastic burgers and cocktails, have a look at what they offer in my previous post ‘Visit Vospers for brilliant burgers!’.

Where are you brunching this weekend? Let me know if you’re in Southampton and try Vospers out!

Coffee, mimosa, brunch – yep, this is one happy little picture!


A big thank you to the Vospers team for such a warm welcome and delicious brunch.

Also, lots of thanks to Alice Spake who runs the Southampton Bloggers group for organising. She posts some great beauty reviews which you can read on her blog Alice Anne.

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