Today I’m climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

It’s our first full day in Sydney and I know I’ll be bounding off the walls with excitement!

We’ve got lots planned but the main part of our day will be climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge tonight and seeing the whole of the city illuminated.

Hope you’re all having a lovely break between Christmas and New Year! I’ll be sure to check in soon with our next adventure!

10 thoughts on “Today I’m climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

    1. Hey! That was probably me! 🙂
      In fact I’ll claim it- you saw me! Ha ha! I really wanted to do it and was reluctant to pay the big price tag but, it was so worth it. It was unbelievable. Like one of those once in a lifetime things- the views are incredible and we went for a night trip and got to see the sunset and all the lights come on across the harbour as it transitioned from day to night. Unbelievable –
      so worth doing! If you get the chance and have the money do it! X

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      1. That sounds amazing. I have seen pictures from the top, however I’m just not sure if I could do it with a fear of heights. Apparently it is pretty wide, although I don’t know if that alone would give me the confidence haha.

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  1. This is something I was interested in, but the price tag is a bit off-putting. I also read that the walk takes forever, since people stop to look at the view every couple of steps, and that you are actually not allowed your own camera. You only get to purchase pictures they take for you. Can you confirm. deny?

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    1. Yes, you only get the pictures they take and you have to buy them. Terribly annoying and you do feel like your being ripped off. But, despite the cost and the photograph situation the climb was amazing. People do walk slow, but then you are quite high up, there’s a little bit to focus on with your footing/safety gear and there’s a lot to look at. You do want to soak it in given that you’ve paid for it. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, you aren’t going to climb it again – I’d say it’s worth it but then that’s me! Everyone has a different perspective.

      The feeling at the top was the best, it felt like I was stood on top of the world. We went up as the sun was setting and saw the lights come on – it was spectacular, I’ll remember that feeling and those views forever.

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      1. You’re welcome! It’s a difficult one to weigh up. I had to convince my partner as he wasn’t as keen on spending the money to do it. But, he was blown away by the experience too which I was very relieved about!

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