Happy Christmas Eve 2017 – We’re off to Kuala Lumpur!

Oh eeeeeemmmmmm geeeeees, the day is finally here…

…Christmas Eve and our trip to AUSTRALIA via Kuala Lumpur!

This is me right now…

I couldn’t sleep. Of course I couldn’t, I’m finally going on my dream trip! It’s the crack of dawn and we’re headed to the airport for leg one of the longest plane trip of my life. I hope the airline is full of festive cheer!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Wising you a fantastic day full of family, friends, fun and fabulous food. What are you up to today? Share your plans with me in the comments section – I love hearing about other people’s traditions and antics!

A quick FYI…

There’s going to be a few less posts over the next month while I’m away but, I’ve got a few updates planned in and will post some stuff on social media as and when I can.

If you want to see what I’m up to have a look at…

Twitter @r_henders

Facebook @BrightLightsBigCityBlog

Instagram @r_henders

Bloglovin’ Bright Lights Big City

P.S. I’m going to miss my Mum and family over Christmas. I love them and our Christmas so much and will totally be looking forward to next year after this big adventure!

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