Creative Campaigns #22 – This is Christmas. TalkTalk’s Christmas advert

Reality TV has filtered into adverts and Talk Talk’s Christmas advert follows a family through the festive season.

Watch the advert here:

This heart warming glimpse into the little moments that make Christmas has really found a place in my heart.

Short snippets of real family life convey that being connected to loved ones matter. The advert is made of unscripted footage of the family when the cameras were left rolling.

My Christmas is all about family and I think that’s why this advert resonates with me. It’s nothing remarkable, it’s just the simple silly little things you do that make Christmas.

Every family has little things that make this time of year feel Christmassy and that’s why this advert works.

PR is about speaking a language that other people relate to. Communicating values, services and engaging people with those.

Compared to other Christmas adverts this is understated, less glitzy and romantic but, it really focuses on short punchy storytelling. It tells the story of each moment that combine together to convey all the different elements of Christmas.

What do you think of the Talk Talk Christmas advert?

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