Alternative hot chocolate fun times!

If you can’t have cows milk or are looking for tasty alternatives try these suggestions that I’m loving right now!

On the Joe Wicks plan I’ve been having lots of delicious recipes and I’ve been having almond milk in my porridge.

One day I was really desperate for a treat and I tried making hot chocolate out of it. Guess what – it was delicious! 

Since then I’ve also tried coconut milk, hazelnut milk and tiger nut milk. These are much sweeter than almond but do make for a tasty alternative to milk.

Don’t worry I didn’t know what a tiger nut was either but, apparently it’s been used for centuries to make creamy vegetable based drinks and were popular with the Egyptians!

For more facts about tiger nuts look at this interesting infographic extolling their virtues!

If you’re looking for alternatives give these a go, I like the Rude Health brand the best – they are delicious.

They are a little bit pricey but I think worth it to have something different that is adding a variety of nutrients to your diet.

Happy sampling! Let me know what you think of them and which is your favourite in the comments section.

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