Get picture perfect with photo tips from Jessops

In the first of my photography posts I wrote about how to capture views, landscapes and landmarks with advice from Jessops.

This is the second half of the blog post offering more general photography advice to set you on the path to taking better photographs. If you want to improve your photography this advice is a great starting point.

I spoke to team leader Joe, at the new Jessops store in Southampton, to get some expert tips on how to take great photos. Not only does he work at one of the biggest photography companies in the UK but he is also a professional photographer!

I’ve written up his advice into three handy tips for you .


Natural light is your best friend. It’s an undisputed rule, nothing can beat a good bit of natural light so if you’re taking photos for blogging inside, try and take them during the day and somewhere that has plenty of natural light.


Your camera shouldn’t be the last bit in your photography, you should always edit your photos. Play around with apps, Adobe and filters to see what brings out the best in your image.

On DSLR’s you can get a UV filter to screw onto your camera lens. This removes any haze from light and gives a real professional feel to your photos.


Don’t be afraid to be critical of your own work, take a few photos and see what works best. Learn about space and the rule of thirds – This will help you achieve better looking photographs immediately.

I hope these suggestions help you on your photo taking journey. With photography you’re always going to be learning so take on board as much as you can to take the kinds of photos you like.

It’s time to get those pictures…

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