Feeling hygge at KuPP

KuPP is the new Scandinavian concept restaurant that’s just opened in Westquay, Southampton.

I was recently invited to take a look around at the launch event. It was a gorgeous hot night and the floor to ceiling glass doors were opened up overlooking Southampton’s old walls. It was very pretty and instantly achieved a summery hygge feel.

A dil mojito, a KuPP twist on the classic!

Greeted with gorgeous KuPP drinks, their dil mojito and beetroot cocktail were definite twists on classic versions and very welcome in the heat.

I tried both as they were so different to anything I’ve tried before. The dil mojito was surprisingly refreshing and smelt amazing – this was my favourite of the two.

I’m not a fan of beetroot but, I did give that drink a try too. At first it is very sweet and then there’s a really earthy flavour that balances it out after. I think if you like sweeter cocktails and beetroot then this would be right up your street!

After cooling down with some drinks I went to have a look around and the space is split between a cafe, a restaurant and outside seating. This it to reflect the different aspects KuPP wants to promote. They want people to dine there but also get snacks and a morning coffee. All of the different areas work really well and I like the idea of somewhere to grab smaller snacks rather than a whole meal as well.

This beautifully designed wooden wonderland is littered with cool cactus and copper lighting. The Scandinavian influence ensures beautiful decoration and design features making it a relaxing place to get a meal. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get to try much of the food. I was a little disappointed that I only had a couple of canapés while I was there but, what I tried was very tasty. Simple flavour combinations that packed a punch. As well as the many different areas there’s also a store so you can pick up a piece of KuPP to take home with you.It was a lovely evening and decor makes it very inviting, I can’t wait to go back and see what the meals are like.

Have you been to KuPP yet? What do you think of it?

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