Your Other Half – Sophie Personne’s guide to better relationships with others & yourself

Our whole lives centre around relationships – colleagues, clients, friends, family, partners and even the one with ourself.

For some people, the art of building strong relationships is being corroded by the internet and social media. As a result a form of human disconnection is occurring as basic communication skills are being lost.  Self-doubt and social anxiety is rising, and FOMO, the fear of missing out, is dominant. Keeping up with the Joneses, has very much taken on a new form. It can cause loneliness and dissatisfaction.

I’ve written about the negative effects of social media before in previous posts. It’s definitely something I’ve experienced (FOMO, self-doubt and loneliness) and I’m always looking for positive ways to tackle it.

Recently, I met Sophie Personne, a relationship expert, at a local business event. Sophie’s warm and affable nature meant we got chatting instantly. She told me about her book that aims to improve our attitude and approach to relationships that exist in the internet age.

Sophie shares advice, personal experiences, and neuro linguistic programming activities in her first self-help book, Your Other Half. The advice and techniques can be applied to all kinds of relationships to improve them, but she mostly focuses on romantic ones in this publication.

Lots of the advice, techniques and solutions that Sophie suggests are transferable. I think starting with the relationship you have with yourself, and those closest to you, is a great way to identify core issues that you may want to work on. The book also gets you to critically think about the effects of your own behaviour.

It was a really interesting and insightful read, with lots of interactive activities to self-evaluate.

I’d like to thank Sophie for kindly gifting me a copy. What a great read and a fabulous talent to have on the south coast!

In 2017, Sophie’s going to be doing some free webinars, new online programmes, workshops and retreats in the UK, stay up to date with her at You can also buy her book, Your Other Half, on her website too.

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