If you missed it…Southampton’s Festival of Light

From the 10th to the 19th of February Southampton’s Westquay held a Festival of Light to celebrate the completion of the new phase of the development.

This blog post is full of pictures just incase you missed this event and you can look at my videos over on Instagram.

The majority of the new restaurants look out over the old Southampton walls, which have been turned into an amphitheatre style open space for the public. The steps will be the perfect place to sit forming a make-shift outdoor auditorium. I can envisage travelling arts and performing groups using the space to do sketches and plays a bit like the entertainers in Covent Garden.

In the meantime floor fountains and strategically positioned lights bring this neglected part of our city to life. It will be a hive of activity when summer arrives and the nights are longer. I can’t wait to see what they bring to this area next!









Star light, star bright…









Head over to my Instagram account to see some videos of the event,
you can find me by searching @r_henders.

It’s about time Southampton had some free events like this that brought some culture and art to the more commercial side of the city. It was such a beautiful addition to the area and really highlighted the historic walls. There’s going to be more in the summer and I can’t wait!

Click here to have a look at the Southern Daily Echo’s article for more pictures and a video.

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