Taco Bell is now in Southampton!

An open plan kitchen, free refills and the famous laid back Californian attitude has changed the face of Southampton’s fast-food scene. Taco Bell has arrived in Southampton.

Compared to it’s southern Cali cousin, Southampton’s franchise has vibrancy and offers an alternative to the many burger joints across our city.

At the preview event guests were treated to a variety of taco treats off the menu and the food didn’t disappoint. By bringing out a range of food, Taco Bell encouraged people to try things they never would normally order.

Happy faces filled the room as the open-style food got everyone eating together and sharing things they liked. It created a really social atmosphere, with lots of laughter and cheesy taco jokes. Top that off with a cold beer, frozen cocktail and a chocodilla and I think Taco Bell had just stolen a place in our hearts.

Having spent a lot of time in California, Taco Bell was often a fun treat and a hangover rescue remedy. There’s a few things different with the UK menu, probably to suit our palettes but, on the whole the experience and taste was pretty much the same. Putting Kit Kat in the chocodilla was just plain genius though – do not leave Taco Bell without one!

Hats off to the friendly and welcoming team. They did an amazing job at the event and were extremely attentive to everyone’s needs.


The food was really tasty, just a have a look at these pictures I got from the event…

Hands off – that’s na-cho cheese!
Cheesy chicken quesadillas provided toasted melty goodness!
There’s a lot of beef hiding under that lettuce!
The perfect combo

TACO WARNING – Yes, I am saving that cheese on my chin for later. While most food is perfectly easy to eat, the hard shell taco is not date food.  But, if someone still loves you after eating one of those bad boys then you know you should keep them. I mean is there a skill to eating these politely? Because if there is, I haven’t discovered it yet!

A celebratory opening speech by Nick Dawson, part of the European Taco Bell team
Yes I am wearing a taco hat, no I don’t want to TA-CO about it
Fun in the Taco Bell photo booth!
More taco-booth nonsense!

It was so great to finally meet more bloggers from the Southampton Bloggers group. Such an awesome bunch of ladies who kept me laughing all night. We had a lot of fun in that photo booth!

The chocodilla with Kit Kat and it’s melted! YAY!
Tasty churros – pass me the chocolate dip!
The Taco Bell Snapchat filter!

Thanks Taco Bell for inviting me to a great evening full of delicious food!

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