Free beer on a Friday!

Free beer on a Friday. What’s not to like?

The opportunity to try new things and experiences is always very exciting in my book. So when a can of Desperados landed on my desk during a busy day, it definitely brought a smile to my face.

Oh hi free beer!

Nothing is ever free, we all know that. In exchange for the tequila flavoured beer the company providing the goodies required my opinion and feedback on the beverage. A fair trade I think.

Feedback is integral in most industries, especially when it comes to food and drink. Knowing what stakeholders think about your product is key in shaping public relations, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Getting test subjects and quality feedback is highly valuable but, often quite difficult with unknown or new products.

That’s where The Work Perk come in, connecting the UK’s work force and product samples. Large audiences can be found in office blocks in any city every day. Accessing these people poses a problem as many buildings are secure and managers don’t want their work force being distracted. The Work Perk neatly bridges this gap keeping everyone happy.

At regular intervals treats are delivered to the office as long as the samplers fill in a short survey about the product.

Anyway, back to the beer just in case you haven’t tried it. This beer is one of my favourites, the crisp and distinctive tequila flavour is a real thirst quencher and perfect year round. It was much appreciated this weekend with the hot little indian summer we are having at the moment. I find it very drinkable but go easy because at 5.9% they pack a mini punch!

Lots of my friends who aren’t beer fans like a Desperados. The tequila adds a really tasty element to the beer rather than being overly strong and overbearing like a bad shot on a night out. It falls between those sweet fruity flavoured beers and proper lagers. Even if you aren’t a tequila fan it would be worth giving this beer a try.


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