Sarah Stimson’s 50 UK PR female blogger list – I’m on it!

Today I was excited to find out that I am part of a list of 50 UK bloggers submitted by Sarah Stimson to Vuelio for some number crunching fun.

In this article Sarah points out that there were no female bloggers in Vuelio’s recent ‘Top 10 UK PR blogs list’. Sarah knowsΒ that there are a lot of us out here and has submitted a list of 50 that she is aware of to Vuelio who’ve agreed to help her with some statistical analysis. You can read her blog, which includes a list of 50 female UK PR bloggers by clicking on the image below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 19.15.37

There are some cracking blogs in this list and it’s well worth a trawl through for some great and diverse PR reads.

If you are a also a female UK PR blogger you can submit your details to Vuelio too by clicking on ‘How does Vuelio decide its Top 10 Blog Ranking?‘.

2 Comments on “Sarah Stimson’s 50 UK PR female blogger list – I’m on it!

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