Technology has and will continue to change our relationships

Yesterday TED, the infamous provider of thought provoking public talks, published a preview of their next talk entitled How Technology is Changing Our Relationships.

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Now I know this is a given, of course technology will change the way we interact, but in PR, and in life in general this highlights to me just how important the ‘real life’ interaction is. Nothing can beat those bonds and the relationships you can form when you can look in to another persons eyes and can judge their reactions to situations and create a bond. Even in a work environment, my better relationships come from meeting someone rather than by phone or email.

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In the natural world, I learnt this from my past life as an environmental scientist, this is called a ‘divorce from nature’, humans detaching from their natural environment, where things come from, how things are made and the repercussions this has on nature and the environment.

This principle is the same in human life, we see it happening more and more, reports in the media of the ‘perfect life’ people portray on their social media sites is completely different to what’s happening in reality.

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Social media has enabled us to detach from having to have a conversation with someone, hiding behind the internet safety net.

As with most stories there are two sides, a good and a bad. It can be a vehicle for good, charity, support, inclusion, but it can also exclude, inviting negativity as people feel there is an anonymity to it and there are other tragedies that I’m pretty sure I don’t need to spell out to you, when it can be seen on a daily basis on the news.

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So my point is to remember that technology is just a tool. A tool for you to use to engage and interact with your friends, family, audience, stakeholders, whatever and whoever you want.  It can be picked up and put down. Don’t forget to put it down. Go out, meet friends, meet clients, talk to people. Use it for a force for good.

Watch the preview of the talk on Facebook, or the whole thing here:

How Technology is Changing Our RelationshipsAs we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? Watch the full talk:

Posted by TED on Thursday, 13 August 2015



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