Cabana brings Brazilian street food to Southampton


BOM DIA! Bang the drums, put on some Sergio Mendes and do the samba because newly opened Cabana has brought brilliant Brazilian street food to Southampton.

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The Southampton Showcase Cinema de Lux is a game changer!


The new Showcase Cinema de Lux in Southampton has just upped the ante. Watch out local cinema, Showcase really is a game changer! Read More

Pump up the volume! Facebook video now autoplays sound


As you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed videos now will automatically play with full sound.

Facebook’s aim is to capitalise on the social media advertising trend and offer users the chance to grab attention in yet another way. Read More

What do you love? A Valentine’s Day post for everyone


I’ve been through the Valentine’s Day rollercoaster of emotions, being single and dreading it, being single and not minding it, going out with friends and loving it, being with a fella who ignored it, being with a chap who went over the top on it and finally getting to the stage of not caring about it.

Wherever you are with your feelings about Valentine’s Day share with me the things you love. I’ve decided to go American and use Valentine’s Day to tell you about five things I love and am thankful for. It would be great if you did the same so we spread some positivity and some smiles to faces.

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The monk who’s a make-up artist – Kodo Nishimura


Kodo Nishimura really changes the perception of a traditional Buddhist monk because he’s also an international make-up artist. His extraordinary life and cult following on social media has recently caused a media storm as he hit the headlines for being one of the make-up artists at Miss Universe in Manila.

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‘This is my night’ eyeliner review from the MAC and Mariah Carey collaboration


Winter 2017 brought the much anticipated MAC collaboration with Mariah Carey. Her diva touches to the brand ensured that it sold out in record time. But, Santa must of been listening as the ‘This is my night’ MAC eye-liner sparkled and glittered its way into my life from under the Christmas tree. Read More

PR Buzz Word #6: Salty


Has a mate said this yet? Did someone mutter it in the office? It’s on the rise and we’re only just getting 2017 started.

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New month, new reading – share your blog with me!


It would be great to start February by discovering some new blogs and making some new connections.  If you are looking for some new reading too, this could be the post for you! Let’s get connected by sharing blog details in the comments section of this post.

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How to watch floating videos on Facebook…


The ability to watch a video while you scroll through your newsfeed or navigating around the app has been available on Facebook for over a year.

I’ve been using the floating video function on You Tube for a long time but I didn’t know a similar feature was available on Facebook.

If you don’t know how to use this feature read this guide which tells you how.

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Facebook downgrades fake news


Facebook has recently responded to the surge of fake news circulating on its pages. The algorithms that populate the platform have been changed to downgrade false news and clickbait. Read More

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